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Hannah Postdoctoral Fellowship

2007-11-01 17:00

At a Glance

The Hannah Postdoctoral Fellowship recognizes and supports scholarship of exceptional promise at the post-doctoral level. Fellowships are offered to highly qualified PhDs or MDs embarking on a period of full-time postdoctoral study in the history of medicine. Canadian citizens and permanent residents, or those who completed their graduate or medical training at a Canadian university are eligible to apply.

Following both an internal and external review, and in light of changing sources of funding available to graduate students, AMS will be suspending its doctoral and postdoctoral fellowships for 2009 – 2010.

AMS continues to support history of medicine as a core programme. However, it wishes to expand this focus to a more interdisciplinary/interprofessional approach and include the history of health care and health services more generally. AMS will be developing new initiatives to sustain strength in the history of health care. These new initiatives will be announced as they are approved by the AMS Board of Directors.


To recognize and support scholarship of exceptional promise at the post-doctoral level.

Research Areas

Research in the area of history of health, disease, or medicine, broadly defined.


Fellowships are offered to highly qualified PhDs or MDs embarking on a period of full-time postdoctoral study in the history of medicine. Canadian citizens and permanent residents, or those who completed their graduate or medical training at a Canadian university are eligible to apply.

Applicants must provide proof that they hold the PhD or MD at the time of application.

NOTE: Applicants who do not hold a PhD must indicate the precise status of their doctoral dissertation. If the dissertation has not yet been defended at the time of application, the applicant must provide official confirmation from the appropriate department/faculty officer that either a defense date has been set OR the dissertation has been deposited for examination. It is the applicant’s responsibility to provide official confirmation. This confirmation must arrive at the AMS office not later than February 1, 2007, otherwise the application will be withdrawn from the competition.

Fellows may not hold a concurrent major award.

Awards are tenable at any university capable of providing a suitable medical history environment and supervision.

The Fellowship normally may only be held once within the five-year period following receipt of the PhD or MD and is not renewable. Individuals with a significant research career interruption are asked to provide an explanation (see below). Applicants may not currently hold a faculty appointment or have held a prior tenure track faculty appointment.

Applications from Fellows who have already held a postdoctoral award from another funding agency will only be considered for one further year of support.


November 1st at Associated Medical Services, Inc., 162 Cumberland Street, Suite 228, Toronto, Ontario M5R 3N5 Canada.

Applications must be received at the AMS office by the stated deadline. Where the deadline falls on a weekend, applications will be accepted on the following business day (normally Monday).

Applicants are responsible for ensuring that all necessary information arrives at the AMS office by the deadline date.

AMS does not accept applications by FAX or electronic mail.

Applications with font size smaller than 12 point will not be accepted.

Fellowship Support

Funding is in the form of a stipend to a maximum of $35,000 for the first year, with a research and travel allowance of $3,000. All payments will be made in Canadian dollars and all eimbursements to AMS of unexpended funds must be made in Canadian dollars.

The Fellowship is normally awarded for a period of two years, unless a single year is requested. There is no renewal process. Awards usually commence July 1.

Payment will be made to the institution where the Fellow is located. Fellows will in turn be paid by the institution in accordance with its distribution policy. For postdoctoral fellowships held outside of Canada, the tax laws regarding the payment of the postdoctoral fellowship stipend are determined by the country in which the postdoctoral fellowship is being held. In Canada, the stipend portion of these awards is taxed as income by the Canadian government.

The research and travel allowance will be established as an accountable research grant (for which an annual report on research and travel carried out and a financial account will be required). Any unexpended funds at the end of the grant must be returned to AMS, and the annual allowance may only be used for direct research and travel purposes. Travel expenditures will be in accordance with AMS policies.

Support for travel will be in accordance with the policy outlined on the AMS website (“AMS Travel Policy for Grant Recipients”) at the time the application is submitted to AMS.

Ineligible costs include: computer hardware, software, and accessories, course fees, books, journal subscriptions, university overhead, administrative fees, and entertainment costs.

Two new Fellowships may be awarded annually.

Teaching Support

Associated Medical Services, Inc. will make a teaching stipend of $5,000 available to the Fellow’s department, during the second year of the award. The following conditions must be met:

  • the course should be designed by the Fellow,
  • the course must relate to the Fellow’s research specialty,
  • the proposed course must be a minimum of four months in duration,
  • the course must have approval through the usual university procedure.

To release the funds to the department, AMS must receive a letter from the Department Chair confirming the title, duration, university approval, the official description of the proposed course, and any other information relevant to the proposed course.

Publication And Acknowledgement

There are no restrictions on publications. However, acknowledgement of support from AMS shall appear on any publication arising from this fellowship. Use of the following descriptor is encouraged:

Associated Medical Services Inc. (AMS) was established in 1936 by Dr. Jason Hannah as a pioneer prepaid not-for-profit health care organization in Ontario. With the advent of Medicare AMS became a charitable organization supporting innovations in academic medicine and health services, specifically the history of medicine and health care, as well as innovations in health professional education and bioethics.

AMS may reproduce, at its discretion, the title and/or excerpts (up to approximately 100 words) of the research report and/or original application for information or promotional purposes only.

Instructions for Completing an Application

The complete application for a Hannah Fellowship consists of the sections listed in order below. The Application Form and Abstract Page are pre-printed; all other sections require theinformation on an attached sheet. The text of the attachment must be formatted as described under the heading Presentation.

Application Form (pre-printed)

One copy of the application must have original signatures on the application form.

Agreement to assume the administrative responsibility for the Fellowship, if it is awarded, is indicated by the signature of the university. The designated representative of the university office which administers grants and awards must sign the application; this may be, for example, the office of research administration. Institutional signatures also indicate compliance with the AMS
policy that overhead costs, university, or other institutional administrative costs may not be paid out of AMS grant funds.

The project title should be written in straightforward terms and, where applicable, include the time period and geographic location to be studied.

Indicate the name and position of your postdoctoral research advisor and any colleagues in the university who will have a significant role in your program. Identify two referees who will be sending letters of reference. One should be familiar with your performance in your doctoral (PhD) program; the other should be the research advisor of your postdoctoral project.

Letters of reference should be sent to Associated Medical Services, Inc., to arrive by the deadline of November 1.

Suggested External Reviewers

The attached form with recommended external reviewers must be completed with at least two suggested names.


A brief description (no more than 75 words), written in straightforward terms, of the proposed project objectives and relevance to the history of medicine.

Research Advisor Statement (one page)

A brief outline, which describes the academic merit of the proposed Fellowship project. The statement should also identify the nature of the institutional support, the academic milieu, possible teaching opportunities, expected collegial interaction, scholarly expectations, and the mechanism, if any, to monitor the Fellow’s progress.

Program of Research (maximum 6 pages)

Detail your program of research under the following subject headings:
Scope and objectives of the research. This section should also include a statement which addresses the rationale for choice of institution and the reason for choice of supervisor. A request for tenure at the same institution at which you completed your PhD or MD must include a statement indicating why it is imperative for your studies or career development to remain at the same university.

  • Theoretical significance and practical importance.
  • Hypothesis, methods, and sources to be examined and previous research.
  • Relationship to existing research and literature.
  • Relationship to your doctoral dissertation research.
  • Languages required for project, and applicant’s expertise in these.
  • Purpose of travel (if applicable).

NOTE: The Research Review Committee will not read more than six (6) pages of project description.

When possible, list chapters of the proposed study. A supplementary bibliography may be appended (this should be no more than one page and will not be considered as part of the page limitations). Indicate how your qualifications and other experience equip you for the task at hand. Do not duplicate information already included in your curriculum vitae.


Current transcripts of your PhD or MD studies.

Statement of Other Funding Sources

Include a statement detailing other support held or applied for, include agency name, dates and value, and the degree of overlap with the Hannah Fellowship application.

Hannah Fellows are permitted to instruct or lecture for further remuneration, at the university of their affiliation, but the maximum contact time allowed is an average three hours per week for two academic terms.

Explanation of Significant Research Career Interruption

If your research career has been interrupted for lengthy period of time for significant reasons such as child rearing, please provide an explanation for the review committee.

Any interruption in a researcher’s career that occurs during or subsequent to training is taken into consideration during the evaluation of an applicant’s request for funding. The review committee will be instructed to (i) weigh productivity against the period of time spent in research; (ii) consider the impact which the interruption(s) might have had on the stability of the research environment; and to (iii) ensure that the rating of the application is not biased by the impact of the interruption(s).

Ethics Certificate

All research projects involving the use of human subjects, either by the application of a survey instrument, interviews or the collection of data contained in confidential records, must be supported by a certificate of approval stating that the institutional ethics review committee has found the project proposal to be acceptable.

AMS strongly recommends that applicants include the Research Ethics Approval Certificate at the same time as the full application. In the case that this is not feasible, the Research Ethics Approval Certificates must be submitted to the AMS before any funds will be released. AMS requires the submission of the original Research Ethics Approval Certificate. A pdf file of the Research Ethics Approval Certificate is not acceptable.

Applicant commitment with respect to the treatment of research subjects

In signing the AMS application form, applicants are committing themselves to act in accordance with the following statement when working with research subjects:

“I give my assurance that the human rights and personal dignity of all research subjects will be rigorously safeguarded and that no written or oral communications with research subjects will contain language that they may reasonably construe as offers of clinical or other assistance that I and my staff are not in a position, and willing, to offer.”

Curriculum Vitae

Outline your academic and professional experience, awards, distinctions and degrees, research areas and any published material. Place an asterisk beside those publications related to the history of medicine. CVs greater than five pages in length will not be accepted.

Sample Publication or Written Work

You must include any related published or unpublished sample of your written work which you want considered with your application. This may be a chapter or significant portion of a chapter of your doctoral dissertation.


All pages must be typewritten, using 8-1/2 x 11 inch white paper with margins of 1 inch all around. Print on one side of the paper only. Minimum acceptable font size is 12. No condensed type or spacing. The applicant’s name should appear at the top of every page.


The working language of the AMS office is English. However, AMS invites those persons wishing to submit applications in French to do so, with the knowledge that their applications will be reviewed by bilingual evaluators assigned to each AMS review committee. This AMS policy ensures that applications submitted in either of Canada's official languages are judged objectively.


Twelve (12) copies of the complete application including all supporting documents. One copy should contain all original signatures. Please use either a single staple or large spring clip to contain each application set. Include an electronic copy of ALL sections of your application as a single PDF file, on diskette or CD-ROM. The CD ROM and the wrapper/case must be labeled with the name of the applicant and the date.


Have you:

  • Signed and dated the application?
  • Included proof that you hold the PhD or MD at the time of application?
  • Included current transcripts?
  • Ensured referees send their letters to AMS for arrival by the deadline date?
  • Included the original certificate of ethics approval?
  • Included all the material in the appropriate order and pagination?
  • Made sufficient copies of all materials?
  • Included Suggested External Reviewers?
  • Kept an additional complete copy for your files?
  • Included an electronic copy of all parts of the application as a single PDF file on diskette or CD-ROM?


Resubmissions are accepted and will be reviewed in competition with other applicants. If you have been unsuccessful in a previous competition and been advised to resubmit, do not assume that any information will be available from a past application.

Final Report Requirement

Successful candidates will be required to submit a final report at termination of the Fellowship. This Report will address the activities undertaken during the course of the award and will include a copy of the research paper or other research outcome.


Please contact Associated Medical Services, Inc., at the following:
FAX 416 323 3338
E-mail amsgrants@ams-inc.on.ca

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