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Royal Society of Canada


The Royal Society of Canada, The Canadian Academy of the Sciences and Humanities, is the senior national body of distinguished Canadian scientists and scholars. Its primary objective is to promote learning and research in the arts and sciences. The Society consists of approximately 1700 Fellows: men and women from across the country who are selected by their peers for outstanding contributions to the natural and social sciences and in the humanities.

The Royal Society administers two awards sponsored and funded by AMS namely:

  • The Jason A. Hannah Medal. This award was established in 1976 to honour the founding President and Managing Director of AMS Inc., Dr. Jason A. Hannah, and to bring recognition to the work of Canadian research in the history of medicine. The medal is awarded for an important Canadian publication in the history of medicine.
  • The Abbyann D. Lynch Medal. This award in Bioethics was established in 2001 to honour bioethicist and Past-President of AMS, Professor Abbyann D. Lynch, C.M., Ph.D., for her substantial achievements and support of biomedical ethics in Canada. Its purpose is to raise the profile of ethics in medicine and science by honouring leading Canadian exponents in these fields and bring recognition to their work. The medal is awarded for a major contribution in bioethics by a Canadian.

Visit their website: http://www.rsc.ca/