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Canadian Medical Lives

Series edited by T.P. Morley, M.D.

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Dr. Alan Brown: Portrait of a Tyrant

By: Allison Bristol Kingsmill

Published: Fitzhenry & Whiteside (1995)

ISBN: 1550411659

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Dr. Alan Brown Cover

Returning veterans, impatient to become doctors after their years of service in the armed forces, were not the immature students Dr. Alan Brown was accustomed to teach. Reactions to his threats to lock out any who were late for his class produced a famous anecdote which was a measure of his methods and a surprise to his vet- eran students.

He accomplished his goals in unusual ways - sometimes cruel. The tales told by his staff and his students are revealing, often amusing and occasionally shocking.

Over thirty years in the public eye he was revered by many and respected by all, including those in government, education and the business community.

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